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New Member Problem

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Hi, I'm a new member and have 2011 Nissan Versa Hatchback. I love the car but have one issue/problem. Wondering if any one else is having the problem. About 25% of the time when the vent (with outside air) is turned on with the lowest temperature setting it blows hot air. My Nissan service guy says that their field engineer is saying that there is nothing wrong and it is just taking the warm air from the engine and blowing it through the vent. This does not happen all the time. Any comments?
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Hmmmm. Is it hot outside when you're doing this?
If you have the heat all the way up, blower motor off, and fresh air vent open then yes warm air will flow throught the vents. Turn the dial to cold and it should not blow hot. Close the fresh air vent and nothing should blow at all. But this is not suggested as you create alot of moisture in the cabin.
.....I just think you are blowing hot air...........:smilielol5:
Hello and welcome to the forum.Its so good that you joined here.
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