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Hello Everyone, i have a 2008 nissan Tiida HB, and i love it.
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thank you. i have a quick question, i recently installed the OEM fog lights for my car, the car came pre wired, but i didnt get the switch to change the stalk. i would want my fog lights to come on with the park lights. i found the fuse for it in the fuse box, but no power is being supplied to it. i would love to know the color of the wires for them which runs to the steering column. A wiring diagram for it would be really helpful.
I asked my Nissan dealership about this,They said that you can replace the light switch unit with on that has the foglight switch on it. The unit it self without the foglight assembly or the lights they qouted me about $80 for the new Light switch unit on your steering colomn, because apparently all the wiring is already on the harness. This should make it just plug and play, (If I understand your question correctly).
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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