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New Nissan Versa SL Hatchback Owner

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I just purchased a 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback SL with 16k on Friday. I was searching for some information and came across this forum. It seams like there is a great wealth of information here. So far I absolutely love this car.

Anyway... just wanted to say hello!

I also have a small question. I got the car really cheap after something had fallen on the top and slightly dented in the rear right side of the top. A body shop made everything look new, but my wife was in such a hurry to pick it up the gentleman had not had time to get a new piece of drip molding to go in and I told him we would do it. I found it online and it is also missing the rear clip where the molding is secured, which I have also found online. Does anyone have any tips on putting this in or on how the clip is secured?
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Welcome to the forums, enjoy your V!
Hi! Welcome to the forum.Its so gad to meet you.have a great stay.
Hello welcome to the forum
Welcome! If you get along good with the body shop, ask them how to do it. They could also probably do it in a couple minutes for a couple bucks;) Sounds pretty straight forward. 08v
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