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Does anyone know if other brands offer this product for the Versa as well? Also have out notified any difference compared to not having the brace installed?

so far, no other companies are making anything for the Note here in the states. you would have to look to the JDM market to find any aftermarket parts for the Note and would cost double what Tanabe sells their parts for due to having to import the parts. As far as differences it's pretty much a night and day comparison from stock to having the parts installed, the car is more eager to turn in now and leans more towards oversteer rather than understeer like it was doing in stock form. Also have noticed it has more of a tendency to keep the front tires more planted to the ground for better traction through sharp turns which makes it alot more fun to drive through the corners, all in all the best bang for your buck that you can get in terms of upgrading the handling on this car :D


basically if you really want to notice a difference it's best to get both the strut bar and underbrace as they compliment each other very well
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