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I just received my pair of new mirrors today. I waited 3 weeks for them to come from Malaysia. It's designed for the Tiida/Latio model. It's a blue anti glare wide angle LED signal mirror made by a company called HSR. The mirrors are also suppose to be water repellent.

When I received them, I noticed the OEM mirror is bigger than the tiida mirror, but the back piece fits into the mirror housing. You can see from the pictures. It does leave a bigger gap, which I will try to use rubber molding and a mirror vent visor to fill that in.

I enjoyed driving with them. The driver side mirror is wide angled, and eliminates the blind spot, but the cars look a lot closer than they are. I guess I'll get used to it. They look really cool, and at night it really cuts down the glare which is what I wanted.

I didn't connect the LED wire, because I thought the signal would be distracting. But I did tap it to a battery to show you guys what it would look like. I just wanted the anti glare feature. The mirrors ran me about $103. Email [email protected] if interested.

Nissan Latio Blue Side Mirror w LED Signal (Kuala Lumpur, end time 7/3/2012 2:15:00 PM MYT)
I had it on my previous mods but the bad side is that The mirror is very hard to remove and insert in the frame. It took me three hours to finish all the set up however the best way to accomplish this is by using a heat gun which is set up on the low settings. On the other hand, Im recommeding check out first the service bulletin before doing your job.
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