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New Tiida commercial

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Its the second short commercial that I'm excited about.

Even though the whole thing is in chinese, im still excited about it.

Tiida GTS!! :woot:
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They do look nice! If only my old car lasted a few more months..I def would have gotten me a 2013 hatchback!
This looks great. Refinement of the current hatchback lines without losing the overall look of the original. Winner!
My speaking in Chinese is a bit lacking and couldn't understand a thing said except "Tiida" and "GTS" :). I was thinking maybe the GTS is the 1.6 turbo? :). I thought the chinese Tiida/Versa was called the "Sunny"? Also wonder what the price will be for the normally aspirated Versa and Turbo (fingers crossed)?. Will it only be a CVT for the auto trans or an option for the 4-speed auto trans.? Anyways glad to see the hatch being finally updated to compete with the competition. (yea i know i asked lots of questions. Well that's me and my analytical mind :))
I would agree that they're probably gonna offer the 1.6 turbo in the GTS trim (lets just hope we get it here in the US). It is known as the tiida in china, it replaced the sunny. Also, it looks like they're just gonna be pushing the CVT. I guess the one in the new Altimas isn't bad, so hopefully it will be an improvement.

And I think I answered everything. BTW, I didn't understand anything in the commercial either. I do have a friend who speaks chinese, maybe he would be willing to translate it for me...
Was looking at something else on youtube and came across this. Looks like the Tiida is getting a 1.6 Turbo option :) Hopefully we will see it here in the US with the Versa
Hopefully Nissan won't cheap out on the 2013 Versa and offer this as well, it would be fun having the comfort of a high MPG and good size interior Versa with the Jukes engine.

Hmm the design concept in one of the vids that warrior posted looks like it was inspired by a Mazda
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