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new tiida info

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I hope the US gets some of this goodness. Let's keep this thread going for updates on the new tiida/versa's.
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o_O i hope the engine will fit our current versa :p hehehe an possibly a bumper, hood, head light and fenders conversion kit hehehe...
It would be nice if the 1.6 turbo engine is actually the HR. Then I can just buy the turbo parts since I already have the 1.6.

HR16DE+T sounds good and it will look good next to my SR20DE+T :)

Due to engine configuration I do not see how you can turbo the HR now that I think about it. The exhaust manifold is in the back so how would that work.
I guess you can turbo these backwards engines. I stumbled accross this webiste.

It's the HR like in my 1.6. I'm really starting to love this engine.

More on that car here, hope you can read japanese
I like the front end of that Tiida! It doesn't have the stupid thing where the Nissan logo is mounted. The headlights remind me of the redesigned Honda Fit/370z in a way.
dang 200hp. and of course probably not going to be available to the U.S..... great.....
we will probably get the 140 hp version hahahaha...
Nissan should get a sporty model going especially if they are considering resurrecting the pulsar name like I read. Even with 140hp if they get the vehicle weight down to the 2500 or so like they did on the base versa we would have a hot little ride.

BTW anyone notice how this forum had this info up way before the "other" forum did. NVF taking over :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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