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new tint

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put tribal in it looks so good today i have to go over it with 20% and it looks so sick right now im going to post some pics when sarah gets up she has the cam in her bag but give me 10 mins after this is up and all u can see what it looks like now but tonight it will be done

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now im going to go over it with 20 today
That is AWESOME! How'd you do that? Paint? Markers? Vinyl?
a marker i drew it on the window cut it out of the tint and then go over it with a diff tint to make it stand out ill post pics later today
Awesome job. That looks really cool.
thats a really cool idea...can't wait to see the pics!
That's different, something I wouldn't dare to do but interesting none the less.

Reminds me of Blindsnyper and his uniqueness, you're just on the east coast!
lol thank u all i love it looks really cool at night
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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