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New to forum, some questions

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I have a 2012 base Versa, can't beat it for the $$$ and I have a long commute. I've tinted the glass, would like to upgrade eventually from the stock 185/65r15's to maybe a 205/60r15. Will I also need a wider wheel? Are the stock wheels 100 or 114? Where is a good place to find them cheap? Also, when I do the wheel/tire upgrade I'd like to improve the aerodynamics a little bit, too. What's a good spoiler source, front and rear?

I'd like fog lights in the factory holes, amber if possible. Any ideas?
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have you googled or searched on the forum for the answers to any of those questions yet? they have all been address, some very recently.
you will need a 7" wheel and ebay has foglight kits for 70$ the come with sorounds lights switch and harness
sweet! Thanks, I first posted today.
Welcome to the forums. Wheel pattern is 4x100.
I checked with a Tire Dealership.. The Versa's / Tiida's can fit 205/60R15 and 225/60R15
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