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I've owned 2 Versas, first bough in January of 2007 and then traded in May of 2007...

I had researched cars (and the Versa in particular) for 6 months before going for a test drive. I've been a happy Versa owner since January 2007, but I had originally ordered a full-equipped Versa SL but I ordered it in the wrong color. I had my wittle heart set on the Sapphire Blue but ordered Blue Onyx (because I was told that was the color I wanted). I ended up with a Sapphire Blue SL with an aftermarked sunroof (never let the dealership do that to you... mine was crooked and screwed up my headliner ... aside from having a terrible warranty and being nowhere near as nice).

I went to the dealership with the owner of the dealership to show him my car and why I wasn't happy... when there in the lobby was the Camel of my dreams... I left that day with the Versa I wanted.

I was emailed by a member of another forum I'm on and notified that many of my fellow forum-members had "jumped ship" so I came over to investigate.

I'll try to sign in fairly regularly... but since I'm also starting my own business I don't have a lot of free time.

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Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay! About time you showed up! We're really laid back here and cool. :coolgleamA:

If you have any questions, just give us a shout. :biggrin5:
Hey !
Yes about time you joined this forum :)
I've seen most of your posts on Nico before, and have you added as a friend on cardomain!

Welcome :)

how have you been, long time no see. ;)
Well Welcome To The Fourms And Glad To Have You Here, And What Type Of Bisiness Do You Have?
Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay!

Got any piccies?

how have you been, long time no see. ;)

it's a scrapbooking store XoD
I do all the businessy things...

I probably need to update my CarDomain as well... oy. Still need to give the Camel a good washing... but since I'm in the process of buying a house, guess I'll soon have a hose to do it with... Just hope I can get to it while there are still a few warm days... X.x

and Blind, is your grill red?!?
hey!!! look who finally found us! good to see that all is well with you...
and Blind, is your grill red?!?
and white...

do you still autox the camel???
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Welcome to the forum!
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