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New to the club!

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Hello all,

I'm Mallory, and I've had my 09 Versa since it was new. 45k miles on it now, and still nimbly rolling along with no issues. I'm joining here to learn car things, as my boyfriend has always been big into cars - he has a BMW E39 M5 and an old E21 320i turbo that he built to be a track car, and worked for the UK version of Top Gear for about 3 years.

Here's our machines together:

Anyway, both him and I agree that there's not much use doing any mechanical modifications to the Versa, as it's my daily driver and I do drive a lot. I've always been under the impression that for the most part, a team of engineers in Japan know it better than some guy in a shed. I want to keep my high mpg and high reliability. But I would like to set it apart a little bit. I think I'm going to go for some Enkei Evo 5 wheels, Tanabe springs, and perhaps a nicer looking rounded off exhaust tip to replace the stock one. That's probably it! Other than that, I'm here to learn tips on my own so that my boyfriend doesn't roll his eyes as much....:Angel_anim:
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Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask questions.
Welcome to nvf if you want to mod the v at all go with handling mods thats mostly what I have done and it's so much more fun to drive has a lot of mods and accessories for our cars and other nissans. Welcome.
Any e39 manual rocks:)especially second series. Welcome!
Welcome to NVF! Feel free to share and ask. Enjoy your stay! :grouphug:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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