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new to the forum, and new to versas,

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just bought my 2014, yeah, 2014 nissan versa 5 speed.
at first i didn't like it because, i knew nothing of it. but after having it for 2 days, im in love with it.:driving:

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Wow, 2014...making my car feel old! Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your car!
Welcome to the forums!
Thanks everyone. I'll post more later about my car :)
Good looking color. Welcome and enjoy the car.
the 2014's are out already? Damn they aren't even listed on the nissan site yet.
Welcome to the forums.
Holy 2014 my Versa is so old...Welcome!
welcome to the forums enjoy
Are you sure that's 2014? It ain't suppose to come out till in the summer. Wait a minute....!!!!!
to answer everyones question, they had it out on the lot, and im sorta of a first time buyer. i wanted a 5-6 speed car. they only had two that i can really afford. but i wanted one of the year, and the only one they had was this 2014 versa. so, i really liked it, and i was congratulated because they said they weren't suppose to sell it till the summer, and i was the only one with a 2014 versa so far out in southern cali. they wanted me to get it, so i guess they just let it go because it was the only 2014 they had, and that was a 5 speed.
Holy 2014 my Versa is so old...Welcome!
Lol ... makes mine feel old too & makes me feel like a veteran around here!
Welcome to the forums!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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