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New to the thread posting. I figured its time to join now. I had a 2005 Jetta GLI and traded it in for a 2011 nissan versa about a year ago. I've had it long enough now that its getting to look like all of the other stock versa's driving around and i wanted to make it look more my style. Currently the only upgrade are 10k HID headlights. Looking to do exterior MODs on a budget. ALSO, this car does have a 6 year warranty on it. Does anyone here know about the nissan warranties and what MODs could possibly void. Idea's im looking to do:
lower the car about 2-3 inches.
rims/tire package - know any cheap places that sell these?
new air intake
exhaust pipe/muffler

will i have warranty problems with anything above?

Thanks for checkin me out! I will have pictures posted shortly, but if your wondering, its the red versa/hatchback S model. :) i love it!!!!
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