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New to this site

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Hey there guys just wanted to take a second to introduce myself my name is sergio

I drive a 2011 nissan versa hatchback expresso black am currently working on putting a sound system and installing projector lights. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


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Welcome, looking good with the wheels.
welcome to the forums :)
Welcome. Love the black on black. Which fogs do you have?
Welcome Sergio! now there's two Sergios :DD

Nice car bro, what kind of roof rack do you have on it?
Thanks Na i got the roof rack from work, some guy traded in a nissan sentra so i took the roof rack. LMAO ;0
How are they attached? They look like they install differently than the ones I have.
I had to make some holes on the roof :0 Yea i know but i had to disassemble the whole interior roof. it was a little hard but it was worth it lol
Oh okay, ya it looked like it was attached to the roof. If your okay with it that way, then that's good.
Welcome to the forums!!
Welcome Welcome! Your V looks NICE!!! I Like
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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