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Hello all, I just joined the New Nissan Versa Forums!

Although I never posted on the other Nissan Forums, I am excited to start posting here and getting to know more about the Versa and what you all have to say/help with.

The site looks great and its good to see all of the Versa Enthusiasts here!:biggrin5:

Looking forward to the new Versa online community!
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What model Versa do you have? (Hatchback/Sedan?) What trim? Colour?
Post up some pics too :)

Glad to see more members joining. This is a great forum; you'll like it here!
I have a Black 2009 Versa Hatchback SL with the black/blue cloth interior and all of the options except tech package. Haven't got any serious mods yet but I did replace the plastic kick plates to aluminum kick plates to make it look more clean.

I saw the Cardomain post so I decided to get involved here to learn more about the car we all know and love!
Awesome! Post up some pics when you can!
Yes I love my car. The other members will tell you how much I do :)
I too have the aluminum kick plates inside, makes the car look more expensive :)
Lol I know what you mean, my boyfriend installed mine for my birthday one month after I got the car because the black was so...blended in haha. They make it look much better imo. I think the illuminated kick plates would be awesome too, but its too much work just for the door covers...:p
welcome! i have a black hatch and i love my little v... i have the aluminum kickplates and i think they definitely add a little bit of "bling!" to the car

Glad to see some new people around here. Hope you like it! If you need anything just ask us!
New as well

hello all,

Got myself a versa and wanted to be amoungst the versa world! Howdy!:biggrin5:
Welcome, KLrversa and Norevo...
Enjoy your stay, have fun and stay involved!
BUT CODE, I was new a month ago (I think):doh:

Welcomes' to the NEW. You'll find a bunch of helpful data and other to share your data with.

welcome to the forums... if you have any questions, feel free to ask.... one of us is bound to know the answer or how to find it...
^ like he said we are here to help u and if some one dont know some one else does so feel free to ask and im glad to see u on here this is a fun site we act like more of a family more then anything but WELCOME. do u have any pics of your V
welcome to the forums. hope you get all the answers you need.
Welcome to the family! Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask anything and everything....we're all very helpful here! :)
happy to have you as a member on the forums..
ill be pleased to see those pictures!
love your profile picture to!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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