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New "v" car for ADOversa!

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So work has been good to me lately, and I decided it was time to go and get a car I really wanted. The Versa is... ok... but owning/driving it is emotionless. I have always wanted a truck, since for work I drive a full size one tonne van, I am used to being up high and the truck like ride...

However... I do love performance, and the truck just doesn't cut it on a winding road (which there are alot of in my area). So, after extensive research/test driving I have finally put down cash on my current (realistic) dream car.

I don't want to reveal it yet, kind of interested to see if anyone can guess it...
Its got 4 doors, six speed manual transmission, and 400hp :biggrinjester:
Also, the letter "V" is part of its name...
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So... I got some bad news today. I had called an independant mechanic that I just looked up online to do an inspection on the car, as I was a little unsure about buying a car off the internet. Long story short (plus I am disputing the charge with visa now so I don't think I should go into much detail) but things were not as described, even though a carfax came back clean.

Thank god its only a deposit (that I will probably get back). No LS2 for me :( ... for now anyways.

Still pretty bummed out about it.
Ah. That blows. I know how you feel. Happened to me before I got my Versa.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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