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New V Owner From Co Springs, CO

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Hey Guys i know i posted earlier in the how many miles thread but i thought id make my offical intro :biggrin5: I bought mine will 11.3 mi and i absolutely love it!
2011 V 1.8l HB with a 6spd....i must say this is one zippy lil car!
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welcome! I bought mine with 15 miles on the odo and she now has 56k! All trouble free (for the most part), hope you have the same luck.
Welcome new member

I have 2007 a 1.8 HB blue just like yours 6spd keyless entry and PW power locks!
it now has 76K miles on, but zero trouble so far and Knock On Wood!!!!!!!!!
:smash: :smash: :smash: :smash: :smash: :smash: :smash:
welcome to the forum:wave:. when I got mine it had 32 miles it now has 33k
MajorVersa, check out, local Nissan club you might enjoy
Welcome to the forums! I hope you have lots of trouble free miles like the rest of us. My 08 just passed 43k (kms though). She's almost 3 and has only had a couple minor issues.

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thanks guys, i love this car, zero troubles so far
Welcome to the forums. What color is the hatch? And submodel?
Welcome to the forums. What color is the hatch? And submodel?
First post "2011 V 1.8l HB with a 6spd" and picture shows blue hatch with S model hubs.
First post "2011 V 1.8l HB with a 6spd" and picture shows blue hatch with S model hubs.
Excuse me if I sound rude but 1st post doesn't say anything about the color or submodel and picture doesn't work so I can't see it.
yeah its an S model and blue. does anyone know if any parts ahve changed from the 2007 - 2011 models....dont wanna start buyin parts and realize they dont fit
Cool, I was about to get a blue S hatch today but 09. And no, parts are still the same.
yeah all part are the same. its pretty great all pieces from 07 fit on 2011 and 2011 pieces fit on 07s :)
I actually think it would be great if it was 07-09 and then 10-11. Like 10-11 models with the same body as 07-09 but blackhoused headlights with the newer grille and sports bumpers or something similar.
Welcome to the forums, Major V! Your Versa looks great, I hope you enjoy driving it and have no problems with it anytime soon! If you need any help/have any questions, this forum has an answer to whatever you might need. And a lot of other cool Versa owners. Don't be shy, I was a brand new car owner completely new to forums and these people have helped so much! lol :thumb2:

Btw, I have a 2009 Super Black 1.8SL that I bought when it had 6mi on the odo and have just reached 7K in two years! No problems for me other than the fabric being too short on my drivers side door. Other than that, everything is just like new. Good luck with the V, and have fun modding!

Blue is an awesome color man, you'll love the Versa. I just sold mine to my dad, and he likes it alot.
awesome thanks alot guys! i was kinda hesitant on blue but in the end im glad i went with it
Sounds good brother, what kind/style rims do you plan on getting?
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