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New versa 2012 versa se hb assesories any available ?

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I just bought new 2012 versa special edition hb but can t find many assesories looking for factory fog lights looking for bug shield and so on .I really liking the car so far Just can t find assesories available .
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welcome to the forum
Welcome! :)

If I remember correctly, the hood deflector (bug shield) is only an accessory available from Nissan Canada. I think your fellow American Versa owners who bought one ordered it from a Canadian dealer & had it shipped over, or purchased it from eBay.
Welcome to the forums. The SE model is basically an S model with a few extras. All S and SE parts are interchangeable. Some SL parts are interchangeable as well.
Welcome! Enjoy the forums. I have noticed that ebay tends to be a popular place to get accessories for the V. Also Google can be your friend in finding where to buy items you are looking for. And don't forget....
Ask us on NFV. We will usually have answers for you. Have fun.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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