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New Versa owner, first time Nissan owner

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We bought a SL Versa, though closer toward the base of the trim. We got fog lights and split seat. But no nav, or auto-dimming rear view mirror.

BTW, does anyone know how the "Speed-sensitive volume control" works? My expectation would be that it gets louder the faster you go.
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Guess I should mention that we paid $15,000+tax+tags for our SL after trading in our old conversion van. Which got us down from $16,285.
Welcome to the forums.
The speed sensitive volume can be adjusted through the radio settings.
I keep mine on low or mid, because when set to high the radio just seems to get too loud way too easily. So yes, it will adjust the volume louder as you drive. Just have to change the settings. :D

And welcome :D
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