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New Versa Owner from Northwest Indiana

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I bought my Versa a little less than a month ago. Basically got it for the gas mileage (60 mile one way commute to work), but I can't have a car without doing something to it!

Currently I've done tint and wind deflectors. Near future is debadging the trunk (I love a clean butt :thumb2:) and sounds - gonna build a custom box.

Question about the Nissan badges, both front and back - If you remove them, are there holes? Or do they remove cleanly?

and since all threads are worthless without pics:

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Welcome to NVF!

The back removes cleanly. I dont know about the emblem on your 2012 grille. When I removed my 2010 front emblem, it left a 'canal' (i forgot the proper word for it). I had to improvise to fill it in and make it flush.
Thanks for the info - I think I'll debadge the rear and either leave the front for now or maybe plasti-dip it...
Welcome to NVF.
By the way, not sure about your Versa and S/SV/SL emblems but I believe the burgers are clipped on. I debadged mine completely and love it. Front emblem? Well, my sedan has the black trim(mirrors amd door handles) and I wanted it to match so I painted the emblem black. Love that too. :D
welcome to NVF I like that blue with the black trim
Welcome ;)

My rear badges were just stuck on so when removed it left nothing behind (no holes).

Car looks great :)
Welcome! Your car looks nice. The chrome on the door handles add a bit of class, looks sharp.
Oh, and for the hamburger, on the 12 there's an outline of it in the bumper. I decided to leave it, and maybe eventually paint it black.

...and yes, the dealer plate trim is going away next as soon as I get a plain black one.
Looks good. What model is it?

And outline on the bumper? What do you mean?
I think he means where the burger is on the trunk theres an indent
Looks good. What model is it?

And outline on the bumper? What do you mean?
I think he means where the burger is on the trunk theres an indent
Cool. I'd suggest filling it with bondo if you decide to remove the burger. And did you paint your front grille or was it like that from factory?
Nah it was like that. I like it cuz normally the SV has a chrome grille, but mine and my brother's (he has a royal blue one) have the black grille.

And I hate's too ghetto.
Thats weird. I've seen SVs with S and SL parts. Like last week, I went to get my oil changed at Nissan and saw a gray SV sedan with factory fogs and wing but still had hubcaps. :confused:

I dont like chrome either. The only chrome parts on my car are the lights(dont like tinted/smoked lights). Do you have anymore plans for your car? :D
Welcome! That's a nice blue, real clean.
Your V looks sharp:thumb2:welcome!
looks good,,,nice and clean
Do you have anymore plans for your car? :D
I'm kicking around the idea of nightshading the tail lights, making custom eyelids, factory spoiler, CS-2 front strut bar, rear sway bar, black rims with polished lip, possibly cai, but I want to stay away from exhaust on this car...I prefer silence on my daily driver.

In reality I might be done after I put in sounds (I'm looking at 2 x powerbass 12", powerbass amp, sony dsx-s100 HU and a custom box).

My last car had an expensive imported body kit, and I'm never doing that to a daily driver ever again.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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