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New Versa Owner!

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Hello Everybody...just got a 09' Versa S and I want to get a few things so if any1 can help, thanks in advance:

Where can I buy an armrest that will fit the car?

Is there a way to install or change the color of the dash and radio?

What's a good site that sell accessories for the car?

Thank you all very much!
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Hey and welcome to the forums! Where ya'll from?

Armrest, eBay. Check the thread by Jalaski on it (just ordered one myself :))

As for changing the colour.....why? You can do it with paint dyes (like vinyl spray) but it's never as nice. If you don't like the interior then I wouldn't have bought it!

Lots of great sites for accessories, there's a few listed on the forum :)
Thanks...I'll check out those sites...Im from jersey...I like the interior very much, but I heard it's possible to change the color of the light for the displays
Oh my bad my friend, I thought you meant the interior colour, not the illumination!

I have never dug as deep as looking at what's inside, but I would assume some of the little globes should be replaceable with either aftermarket lights or using the little blue/coloured 'condoms' that slip over the already fitted globes.....

not sure if anyone here has pulled the dash apart yet.... I gotta pull mine apart soon as I fit my FM< Mod so if no-one ghets back to you i'll have a squizz while I'm there :)
welcome to the site, I don't have time to dig into the dash on the versa, but on my ranger I replaced all the ugly green bulbs with blue leds, basically you need to solder a wire to the led, then just place it in the socket, i know thats very vague, but this was not on the versa, and it was a long time ago, You can surely change the color of the lights if wanted

Welcome to the board!
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