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New Versa owner

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I just purchased a 2011 Versa SL with 6200 miles on it. I would like to put splash guards (mud flaps) on it. I want to try and save the Alert Red paint job. Also was wondering if anyone has issues with the drivers seat going up and down with the hand pump on the side of the seat. I'll check the forums and see what I can find. So far my Versa runs great and has lots of room inside. I finally got rid of my 94 Escort Wagon. Hopefully this car will last 19 years. Paul
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Welcome to the forums. I have splash guards on my sedan. They were expensive but I love them.
Welcome to the forums. What did you mean by save the paint?
No issues with seat height adjuster here, 211800km. Welcome!
Welcome to the forums. What did you mean by save the paint?
I live in an area where the township puts oil and stone chips on the roads. I just want to keep the doors from getting all nicked up.
Welcome to the forums! As for the hand pump, what's wrong with it? Is it sticking or loose?
I don't have mud flaps, and after 5 years of driving, I've only had one rock fly up from my tire & knick my rear door. As for the seat, I have the up/down feature, and it's never given me an issue.
Welcome to the forum! :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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