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Hi there. I am a New Owner to be of a Versa/Tiida.

And though of joining this comunity to find out more about this car, and what kinds of personalizations i could do to this car.

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I got the Car on Friday.
I really do like it alllot. it is much diffrent than the Almera that I had(also know as the Sunny in some countries).
But is allot diffrent than the Fiesta MK6 I had traded in for it.

I have already a bucket list of updates I want to make to it, to have it personalized a littlebit, and get this generic look gone.

This is my list of things I want to do.

Visual Mods :
- Wind reflectors on front and Back windows (this is cheap)
- Dark Smash and Grab tinting (Smash and grab is a Necessity here in South-Africa not a Luxury)
- Change the wheels to Momo, or something, and a wider profile than the stock, cause the car feels lumpy in corners (will keep the 15" wheel size not to screw with the speedo). with Hankook tyres or Yokahama tyres.
- Installation of Foglights/Spolights in front Bumper.
- HID Head Lights
- LED lights for High Brake, Brake,Reverse,indicators.
- LED light for the Back number plate (if it does not have already, need to check).
- DRL's
- Bodykit if it is not going to cost me the same price to import as what the car is worth.
- Boot Spoiler (dont know witch one will look good yet.)
- Debadge the "TIIDA" on the Hatch door.
- Smoke Front and Back Lights.

- LED light for Interior centre roof light. (The front reading lights have LED's as Stock)
- LED Soft Foot well lights when you open the doors.
- Head-Unit Upgrade, and Sound System upgrade.
- Seat Triming or just diffrent seatcovers to keep the material looking good.

- Front disk Brake Upgrade kit (Power brake set with Pad's over here will cost about $300)
- Strud Bar on front suspension. and Stiffening bars on the chassis.
- decat,branches and Full Freeflow.
- Upgraded cams( Will start research on this if I get there)
-Chip (Uni-Q seems like what everyone is using, but will do research when I get to it)
-Gasflow of Head & Polished Ports
- Upgraded Clutch kit. (will do research on it if I get to do this).
- Eibach Drop kit (this can be Visual aswell), but seeing that it is a handling Upgrade, does not really fit with visual).
- Induction K&N kit.
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