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New Versa won't start

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Hi all,

I have a brand new Versa (1.6L base). I thought I would save a few bucks and put an alarm in myself (rather than pay a pro).

I tested the ignition wires (12-volt, starter, and ignition) and all have voltage where they should, but the car won't turn over. All the lights come on. The brake peddle feels hard to push and if i hold it to the start position it will make a very soft click noise and will beep 4 times (then stop). Also when I try to start it, it sounds like a continuous beep is coming from the engine (near the starter but higher up?).

I am planning to tow it to the dealer on Monday and feel just awful about the whole thing. Any ideas? It's like I tripped some diagnostic in the car (or blew something out?!?)

I tested the all of the wires before making any changes. and have also put the wires back (they are all reading voltage when they should be).

--Jandir (Eric)
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Shoulda payed the pro. Dealers gonna figure out something was messed with and probably tell u ur sol
Yeah probably should've paid someone,
but I did figure out the problem and fixed it!

I had a faulty connection so even though it showed voltage in the clip, it wasn't really going through to the starter.
So now it starts fine? Glad to hear, hope you're enjoying the V as well. What color is it?

love the V. bought it because of price and gas mileage more than anything, but every moment that i have it and drive it, the more i love it.

got mine in black (works good for the base model, because it matches the plastic mirrors etc).

i know some people don't like the way it "floats" while it drives, but it does give it a smooth ride.
That's cool. I own a base model as well...2010, silver. Any pics of yours?
not yet. i'll have to get some. now it's got an alarm and the next step is a stereo. i can say that at least i have a lot of experience putting stereos in, so i don't expect any trouble (knock on wood).
Cool dude, I'm not good with wiring so I take my car to the shop everytime I want something done. Did you get power locks as well or just an alarm system?
nope. no power door locks. Would've been nice, but that would just have complicated things and added to the cost.
nope. no power door locks. Would've been nice, but that would just have complicated things and added to the cost.
Supposedly our lock mechanisms have the actuators built in and it's a matter of adding some wiring and the brain. I assume your alarm you got has the ability to lock and unlock doors so it would just be the wiring. I have not confirmed this yet but after taking my doors apart and seeing the huge black box with electrical connectors on it I think it's true.
Yeah, I have seen it posted that the actuators are installed and thought that maybe I could just hook up the wire for the door locks and get it to work.

I did take off the driver door panel, and I only saw two wire running through the door (for the speaker).

So if the actuators are installed, they are not wired to go anywhere, and I wasn't sure what to look for or what to do about that. The door handle piece has two cables that run through the door (one to open the door, and one to lock/unlock the door). From what I could tell, they didn't seem to be running to anything that I could interface with.

I am not so sure that the actuators are really installed, but I don't have enough experience or knowledge about power door locks. Maybe I should search the forums some more...
Yeah like I said there is no wiring. Just the actuator/lock mechanism. You would have to run the wires to the aftermarket alarm. I swear someone had done this before maybe they will chime in.
nope. no power door locks. Would've been nice, but that would just have complicated things and added to the cost.
I hear you, I want power locks as well but it's like $60 per door, plus the alarm itself so i'd probably be looking at around $500! Little too much IMO.
I also have an '09 Base with 8k miles, love it. I just wish it had a lock on the passenger door handle, that's all i wish for. just installed an 2010 factory radio with the AUX port. Great little car.
I kind of wish it had a passenger door lock too.

I am now upgrading the speakers so I took the door panel off and it does look like the actuators are installed. They are not where i expected them to be. I am not sure what to do with them, so I think I'll just leave them be for now. I wonder if I can find a clear guide telling me how to hook them up step by step. I do have the wiring diagram for the alarm, but it assumes they are already hooked up to the car.

Maybe the front door actuators just need power for one pin and the alarm to send a negative pulse for the other pin, but I also read the back doors are reverse polarity. Whatever the case, I am not ready to dive into this yet (not without a step by step guide).
Glad you were able to trouble shoot the wiring problem and found the "open" You did mention that the Versa seems to float and actually I like that road feel. Compared to a Corolla, which you felt every stone on the road, the Versa has a much better ride. I also try to keep the RPM's close to 2200 on the highway to conserve fuel. Enjoy your V
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