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Newbie here

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Has anyone tried one of the many aftermarket armrests available for the Versa Hatchback. The factory armrest is crazy expensive. let me know.
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i've seen the aftermarket ones where it screws into the cupholder. Looks cheap to me. The OEM one is the way to go but yes it's expensive. To save money on one try finding used on ebay or at your local salvage yard.
I have a ebay one and I love it yes it is a bit cheap but its ok it looks good the only problem I have had with it was the bolts fell out in the top but that was after a year and was an easy fix here a pic of it

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Looks good. Do you have a pic of it from the back? I've been thinking about getting one as well.
By the way...which part of florida are you from?
idk if I do or not I will have to look if not I will post one asap
Hey hemifan, does the armrest make it hard to use the seat lever?
not really that bad
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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