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Newbie here....

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Hello everyone. My name is Randall, 23 years old, married with a 4 year old Boston Terrier dog :) Been lurking the forum for a week or two. I live in Columbus, OH. I've been waiting for the snow to calm down here so I could take some photos and post a "Hello" thread.

To start off, I bought my 2010 Versa Sedan 1.8 back in March 2012. Bought it used with 34,000 miles on it, one previous owner. I had been trying for a few years to get approved for a car loan and was finally approved. My uncle was good friends with the dealership so I got an amazing deal on this car. I wanted a Versa because back in Jan 2011 I rented one for a road trip and fell in love. Originally wanted a hatchback but when this deal popped up I had to take it. Glad I did, for some reason I don't care much for the hatchbacks now.

At first I wasn't really wanting to put money into this car. But I got a new better paying job and realized that I will be paying for this car for the next 6 years so why not enjoy it. Found this forum and started to learn a ton about things that can be done to V's.

This is how she sits now, dirty with stock everything.

Extremely dirty right now, I hate white. Tomorrow I am going to get a wash and vacuum after work.

Future Upgrades/Mods:

Head Unit - Kenwood KDC-BT752HD (installing tomorrow)
Door Speakers - Kenwood KFC-1664S (ordering this Friday)
Tiida AC Knobs (coming from China any day now)
Single 12" Sub with Amp
Window Tint
Lowering Springs
Window Visors
Fog Lights
Middle Armrest
Wheels and Tires

I am going to plastidip my stock hubcaps once it warms up a bit. May do the hood too, and maybe eventually do the entire car.

If anyone has any suggestions or anything I am all ears. I'm hoping to do Sub/Amp, Tint and maybe springs with tax return money. lol. Good to meet everyone.
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Nice sedan. Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forums.
welcome sedan ftw!!
Extremely dirty right now, I hate white. Tomorrow I am going to get a wash and vacuum after work.
lol almost as bad as black, but both look sharp when cleaned up:ihih: Welcome!
Welcome to the forums! I should get some pictures of my Versa, it has about 1.5 years of grim that I'm too lazy to wash off.
Welcome, ima newbie here as well and everyone has been great. There does not seem to be the drama you find in other forums either. Nice sedan, great color. Nice mod list as well, what kind of arm rest did you get? I'm debating on the eBay version or to bite the bullet and buy the OEM one.
Thanks everyone. And I meant to put "future" upgrade/mods (fixed now). So no arm rest yet but I will just get the ebay one. Found one for like $40 so may get it soon
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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