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I am in Mesa AZ, new to the site, looking for help!!! I LOVE(d) LOVE(d) my Versa... I babied it and washed it, the dealership always said how well taken care of the car is... I started tho having issues with the AC, they gave me major issues for a rental and doing the work for free, due to the fact that it is over 1500$ to them to do the work I guess... I only know this because after years of new issues, due to them not putting the dashboard back together correctly, it rattled from then on, as well the button didn't work correctly from there on, now this issue is in summer in AZ, I have MS and have issues with being in the heat, I had to drive my dad's car after being told that the issue is not going to be fixed unless I pay for it, now reading about all of the AC issues online, and now that they cracked my radio buttons and have made the adjusters for the vent going under the dash, as well the button is now missing, they won't fix this... I guess because it is so hard to deal with, as well told by the maintenance supervisor, or whatever he is, that he has seen a car that had 3 air compressor changes at this 1500$ with a car under 90k miles... and this is ok... to them that sounds normal.... they say that 118k miles that it is my fault... the car is falling apart otherwise, the flashing underneath car is falling off, the gear indicator (what says what gear you are in) has fallen in, the arm rest on the passenger side is falling apart, and no one really rides in this seat.... I am SOOOOO very disappointed... I am stuck with a car that when it's hot, the car is hot, and when it decided to rain, I cannot turn off the AC part of it because the button doesn't work... and the car will shut off because of the compressor, and button mix... this car SUX!!! HELP!!!

Sorry about the Venting but I am so OVER it! let alone LIED to about the first deal, they lied to me and all got fired for it, they were going to place me in an 09, what did they do??? tried to put me into a new contract... SIGH
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