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Hey guys, I'm new to the thread so I'm just here figuring it out and saying what's up to everyone.
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Welcome to the forums. Glad to see another Virginia member.
Yea man, same to you. Not a whole lot of versa admirers around here haha
Yeah, not really. At least ones worth half a damn.
Pretty much, I think other than me I've seen one other one wit anything done to it
Tell us more about yourself. How many miles on your V. What mods have you done?
65k on an '09 6spd. Gotta fujita CAI, Magnaflow muffler and cat, e21 basket weeves (that I jus trashed 2 of in this snow) so waitin on megan springs, xxr 530s, and a new lug kit to come in next week and jus some subs
Nice. Not too bad.
Appreciate it, how do you like the strut bars? I've debated getting them but haven't done much research yet
I personally enjoy them. Seems to help keep things tight in the curves.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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