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Hello everyone,
my names Robert ever since i was young my family has owned Nissans even so far back to when they had the name Datsun!!!
not to long ago my girlfriend received a Nissan Versa from her father
we both like it very much. It has really lived up to its name when i moved out of my old roommates home we we're able to fit all my stuff in the back of it, and just recently i fit 3 sets of tires and rims in it. anyway enough of my rambling heres a few pics, most of them are from are trip to the
San Juan islands.

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Welcome! Nice black V you got there. Any plans for it?
Welcome to the site! What part of Washington are you from? I used to live there for 4 years, beautiful state.
Welcome! I also have a Black Versa, and can vouch that the space is amazing!
Looks great, enjoy your stay and enjoy your Versa!
welcome robert where did the pics come from i didnt see them on ur facecrack mean book
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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