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FYI if anyone has the extended warranty and is taking a road trip. Simply call Nissan and they will mail you an individualized trip booklet. It gives you step by step directions, hotels along the way, points of interest along the way and the phone number of all the dealerships.

First time ordering the trip planner from them. It's a free benefit associated with the warranty and it only took three days for them to mail it to me. :)

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Sounds awesome. We will use that a few times this year. Let us know how useful it is.
The booklet is really detailed yet simple to understand. They use standard 8x11 paper so it is easy to read, with big maps of each area that we are travelling through. Plus they ask you if you want maps for when you get to your destination and hotel information. They ask you to call 8-10 business days in advance (which I didn't know). I called on Monday evening and it arrived today. It is printed in London ON and then mailed out to your home :)

Give it a try! You just need your ASP agreement and VIN#. I am going to order one for Ottawa too. I'm thinking of driving there when I get back.
Lol I knew this!! They told me all about it, plus i got a package in the mail explaining it :)
Lol I knew this!! They told me all about it, plus i got a package in the mail explaining it :)
Ya the booklet they sent is great. Explains everything that's covered. If you go on a trip call them up for the directions. We had gps on as well but the step by step directions were perfect. Plus the booklets tell you where construction is being done. They also send you maps of he area. :)
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