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Nissan closes several plants!

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I am sure this is not a big surprise but I think the dealers supply of new cars will get short in the near future?
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I wish Japan a quick recovery and get back to normal

I heard on the news that earthquakes are normal in Japan, so they have to make them extra flexible if not it would be a lot worst

the tsunami is what did more damange
Japan is prone to quakes because of where the tectonic plates are, just like Cali.

The shut down, is most likely just through recovery and it won't really affect a whole lot of cars, just the ones still made there.

I think Nissan has the 370z, the Cube, The GT-R (even tho this is rare anyway here), The Juke (tho this is made in the UK too so i dunno about it), the Murano, still made there.

The list is a big bigger than I thought, but the Juke and the Cube are the only two i'd be worried about in my area.

As for the other one closing in Egypt, they're good to do that. But that one doesn't make any cars that are here, so the US won't be affected by it, just over seas
the US won't be affected by it, just over seas
Actually.... it is affecting me because I ordered the window visors, same hellokitty has :thumb2: and they're now on backorder because of the tsunami.

parts and shipping is done paid :eatpopcorn:
ups released this statement

"On March 17, UPS resumed its pick-up and delivery services in Eastern Japan, however some delays can be expected. In addition, the UPS Service Guarantee has been suspended for these affected areas."

that's good news! :thumb2:
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