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Is it possible we could have a new forum that is dedicated to Nissan Dealer's and Nissan USA discussion about the company itself and the dealer? The member who recently purchase their Versa can mention about their experience they had with the dealer and dealership and can recommend them to anyone based on how well he/she did as a salesman. Only optional, they could post the city, state, address if they feel is necessary or comfortable about it.

We also could have Nissan dealer representatives or employee post in the forum and give a bit of information about an issue or problem with their Versa before hand. They will know the correct information before they make the trip to the dealership, saving them time and the hassle.
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I am a employee from West Covina Nissan :) like i told theo and everyone know if i can't get you a good deal ill recommend you guys to the people that can. Im a fleet manager so im on a different pay plan than regular sales people. im also not greedy, if you guys have questions about invoices or other things just let me know ill see if i can answer them for you guys :)
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