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I posted this on the other Versa forum. The way I came to own my Versa was this:

I followed a GT-R into a Nissan dealership. After drooling over the GT-R, I decided to see if they had any info/advance brochures on the Juke. No one at the dealership was even aware of its existence. Then I saw my Versa sitting on the showroom floor. The guy "pressured" me into driving a Versa and I said yes, since I had 2 hours until my next class. The next thing I know, they're asking me what it would take to get me into the car... since I had ZERO INTENTION of buying a new car, I threw out an absurdly low number. Like, absurdly low. They came back with counter offers, to which I said no. Then as I was about to walk out, the sales manager said: "If we honor your offer, you must sign now."

So I jumped on the phone, got approval from my mom, went to class, came back and bought my Versa!

Sticker: $15,460
Mine: $12,300 + free spoiler (3.9% APR @ 24 months)

AND... the sales manager promised to give me back "most of my money" if I decide to buy the Juke in October! Not sure if he'll actually honor that, but I love my Versa and will keep it for at least 3 years. That'll give the Juke time to iron out its first and second year problems.

Not a bad price indeed. APR is high, but good price!!! :)
If we could get a brand new one here for that cost, I'm sure my dad would even buy one as a DD.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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