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Here you go gang, the press release. I've been working behind the scene on this vehicle for a couple months and I think when done the styling will look better after I'm done playing with it...think "". From what I understand is pricing will start under twenty thousand and go from there.

Nissan has officially debuted the new Juke “Sport Cross” compact crossover at a private event on the eve of the New York Auto Show. The new Juke model has bizarre and controversial styling that doesn’t need to be explained, but several other features of the vehicle are worth a mention. For starters, the car is the first Nissan product to feature gasoline direct-injection and turbocharging, helping it deliver 180+ hp and 170+ ft-lbs of torque from a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine. Also of note is the high-tech torque-vectoring all-wheel drive setup, that can not only distribute power 50:50 front to rear, but can split the power between the rear wheels.

Both a six-speed manual transmission model (FWD only) and a CVT transmission will be offered. Other highlights include Nissan’s new I-CON system, with a controller for the climate control system that also doubles as a selector different driving modes. Drivers can choose from an Eco model, Normal mode and Sport mode, each of which will adjust the throttle, transmission and steering response settings.

Additional features (standard and optional) include leather seats, a backup camera, Nissan’s Intelligent Key with pus button ignition, navigation, a power moonroof and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC).
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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