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Versa S 2009: "Thats good! I got mine for $13,406. And I got it out the door for $14,103. My msrp was $16,262."

LOL! The price I paid for my Versa could get me two of your Versa's (at the price you paid).
lol, sounds like u payed an arm and an leg for it, lol. My dealer had a red w/black interior 09 hatch sport with sunroof, just like urs but with conveience package. They wanted $18,898. But didnt want an over $200 monthly payment. Plus I really didnt care for red, since cops are like every 20ft down here, lol. But the woman at my mothers work bought it. So its funny to see it there everytime I go to see her. She parks toward the end, and so does this red hatch lady. So when I come in, I park right next to them. And my aunt works there too, and she has a black sentra and parks right up there with them, lol.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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