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Hello Versa lovers! Yesterday I got a new toy for my lovely Nissan Versa'09. I found a very good deal on eBay. There are a few sellers (mostly from Taiwan), but I have decided to buy from US seller. There is only $5 Dollars difference, but I got very fast free shipping (unexpected). The product I was very pleased with! The only problem is to cut it properly, because size of the fob is little bit bigger than original key, to do so you have to remove a blade though housing, but it was easy(there is a pin). Now I have a key, a remote, and everything in just one housing. This is great! There is a link to the product on eBay:
VW Style 'All in One' Nissan 3 Button Keyless Clicker Remote Entry Key Fob 46 | eBay
Good Luck!
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