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I have the older versa but with the same engine. I too found that this little 1.6 does not produce much heat. I can leave my car running for half hour in these temps (10 °f and below) and it doesn't heat up. Though I never really do that. I usually start it up, wait about 30 seconds as I'm checking mirrors and putting on my seatbelt then drive away slowly until up to temp. Which as you said, can take a really long time.

Now if the note has better air flow to the radiator then it would be even longer then my car. You can possibly have a thermostat issue but I'm thinking it is just the tiny engine and really cold conditions.

Do you have active grill shutters? Is there a way you can keep them closed?

If you aren't happy then you should check out the Fit. I think you will find it a much better made vehicle. When I was checking them out they did seem a step above the rest.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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