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Has anybody else noticed it takes FOREVER for the heat to arrive when very cold?? I drive for a half hour to work and the temperature barely gets warm! The most mysterious thing is that when you stop at a light, the indicator goes down!!
Once again....I go to the dealer and get the famous "it's normal!!" Just like my bluetooth and transmission that revs so high on a cold engine that I think the car will explode!
Is it me or am I attracting these things?? 6000km's and I want to burn this car along with the constant crap the dealers give me as if it was the only car I have ever had?? I am literally scared to go to any dealer anymore because I swear they must talk about me or something!! Must of received the same rudimentary training at the factory!!
2015 Honda Fit is looking more and more interesting at this point! I even wrote to the corporate headquarters but NO response! Terrible service! My first and last Nissan!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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