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Now that I have better cold weather experience on my Note, I thought I'd revive this tread.

Yes, the heating system on the Note is marginal but not as bad as some people have written. It does produce heat albeit a little slower than any of my other cars. With the recent string of days in the teens, it takes me at least twice as long to have noticeable heat available to turn on my fan.

Mind you, I do not go by the temp gauge which by itself does not seem to have any correlation with the heat coming out of the vents. It may show one bar for quite some time but there could be available heat coming out.

The engine also does not retain heat very long. After parking it for a short time, it takes a bit of time again to get heat coming out. I also noticed, this is my only car that I tend to keep the temp setting at the max heat position for a long time. Typically on my other cars, I can only keep it there for a few minutes unless I want to cook my feet.

Overall, yes it is marginal particularly in northern cold climate areas (e.g. Michigan) but it is tolerable. Not enough to complain about it. I find myself keeping a higher fan speed setting in most cases to keep the cabin comfortable.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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