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Has anybody else noticed it takes FOREVER for the heat to arrive when very cold?? I drive for a half hour to work and the temperature barely gets warm! The most mysterious thing is that when you stop at a light, the indicator goes down!!
Once again....I go to the dealer and get the famous "it's normal!!" Just like my bluetooth and transmission that revs so high on a cold engine that I think the car will explode!
Is it me or am I attracting these things?? 6000km's and I want to burn this car along with the constant crap the dealers give me as if it was the only car I have ever had?? I am literally scared to go to any dealer anymore because I swear they must talk about me or something!! Must of received the same rudimentary training at the factory!!
2015 Honda Fit is looking more and more interesting at this point! I even wrote to the corporate headquarters but NO response! Terrible service! My first and last Nissan!
i would say that this is not normal for this car at all as i also have a half hour commute to work and by about my halfway point to work the heat is already full blast and nice and hot. as far as fit and finish i would say the note and the honda fit are about equal as my buddy with a fit has said as much when comparing our 2 cars about the interior quality and having personally been inside the fit i find it has as much plastic as the note does, although they do a better job of hiding it. as for the idle issue, when i first start up mine from a cold start it does rev to around 1500RPM which i wouldnt consider high, but then settles down to around 1000RPM after around 30 seconds. I'm not sure where to point you as far as dealers cause it seems like all the dealers up in your area are crappy ones and i guess i just lucked out having a dealer that actually takes care of me such as just recently my note started developing a squeaking from the brakes when coming to a stop sometimes, went to dealer and they checked it out, found out it was a build up of brake dust on the rotor and cleaned it...hasnt had the squeaking issue since.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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