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I'm a new Note owner myself and quite curious about your comments. Wikipedia (Nissan Note) has a fairly extensive coverage of the Note and its history since it came out although it does not go into much detail about content like AC cooled glove box, etc.

Keep in mind that the Versa is an entry level vehicle in the USA and as such Nissan has to keep the price down, which means reducing content. In other countries, this is not so and they can price for such extras. From my point of view, since I'm from Michigan, I'd rather have variable intermittent wipers on my SV than a cooled glove box.

I'm sure you can replicate the Hide/Divide option with plywood. If you are handy enough to build one, I think dimensions can be easily taken from the rear trunk area floor itself. I decided against it after I got the cargo mat with my car and have my back half windows tinted.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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