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Nissan Parking Only

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I bought one of these Nissan Parking only signs off Ebay. I plan to use it at one of the CONOC meets later this month. Not the actual picture but is similar to the real sign.
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Yup. Hey Milehigh, if I was a moderator @ Nicoclub, I would have a 'Other cars than the Versa' segment. I know you agree with them on Hyundai being a good car company. What would have helped myself there is that they should PARK other car discussions in another segment. I don't come on these sites to read about the mighty Hyundai. Maybe if it was discussed in another forum segment, then it's cool. Last time I looked, Nissan Versa has no affiliation to Hyundai whatever.Don't get mad just my opinion. Ciao.
They don't happen to have another section such as a general chat or a other vehicles section for people to talk about Hyundai. That was the only location they had at the time.
Yup. Another type car discussion segment will never happen. For me, it started when Nico members were talking about why the Fit was a better car than the V. I think talking about the Fit misleads the consumer's purchasing the V. Nico, I betcha, has drawn away sales of the Versa. Just my thought. Ciao.
I don't think NICO would sway sales away from the V. There were people who wanted to buy the V for a purpose, good bang for your buck. Personally, if I didn't test drive a V, I would of been in a Sentra 2.0 S most likely or a Honda Fit.
you can mod a Versa, but can you mod a fit? I know there are exhaust systems and tint, etc. But one thing about the fit is that it already looks modded just by the way it looks. Plus, I am with other members here. The fit and the v are mostly purchased by old fogies like me. Just happy to have a gas sipper you can put a baby elephant in. I come on these sites for pics of the v, not to hear about the Kia Soul. Like | said, if I was moderating and there was indifference with members on a thread, I would move the thread to the 'other cars' segment and lock the thread.
I understand that. If you contribute to the site, post great information and help out other members, maybe someday you'll become moderator.
Came in the mail yesterday, plan to use it for some photoshots at our local Nissan club CONOC...
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I wonder if my apartment complex would let me plant one of those in front of my spot. :)
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