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Nissan parts estore with illustrations w/ part numbers!

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i was reading a catalog/magazine that my husband brought home from work...and it had an interesting article about nissan oem parts :)

you just go to and enter all the info about your car and then you can go to whatever you need to order and get parts numbers and you can order it and pick it up at your local dealer!!

check out some of the illustrations!

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whats the difference between the "sporty" bumper and the regular one?
i have no idea

i wanted to post this in the technical section, but there isn't a good spot...
whats the difference between the "sporty" bumper and the regular one?
The "sport" bumper and the regular bumper are pretty much the same, I think just the bottom trim piece is slightly different. Some would tell you that the fact that the bottom piece is painted is what the difference is, but obviously that doesn't matter because they come shipped without paint anyways.

I think they are even the same to buy from the dealer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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