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Thought I already posted here, but I guess not. What a great little car. I have a problem since about 1 year when my engine was changed on warranty, and/or when I went in for a recall for my ABS connector in the back. My reverse lights do not work. From YOU TUBE I troubleshot to find that my transmission mounted reverse switch is ok, I get 12 volts when shifter in reverse, but I am not getting 12 volts at the reverse light. All fuses ok. I don't have a schematic to find possible disconnects, but suspect it has to do with the rear ABS harness Nissan worked on. I am an airplane mechanic, so I just would like to solve this one myself. Any suggestions? bye the way, hello to everyone, look forward to sharing my pictures and troubles with my versa. cheers!
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how many miles does yours have on?

the problem sounds weird...

so the light bulbs are good
the reverse switch is okay; on the tranny
harness should be okay if you're getting power but not on reverse....

does anyone have a reverse light diagram or something... or think of anything else?
Good luck on finding your issue, it's a lot easier to do so with one of these :D

By mattybusta at 2011-10-11
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Welcome! Is Challenger300 related to cars or aircraft? Took my mechanic's 300C for a boot this morning during Altima's oil change:DWelcome to nvf!
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