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Nissan Versa (and related) Commercials

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I like car commercials and I like to see how similar cars are marketed around the world. Here are some commercials for the Versa and it’s related models from around the world. Please feel free to post more Versa commercials and discuss.

Here is a funny one from India for the Sunny, it’s a CAAAR.

Here is one from Brazil for the Tiida, mocking Ford engineers in a rap style video with plenty of attractive women. Apparently this commercial got banned and Ford is suing Nissan over it. :ciappa:


Here is another banned commercial featuring actress Kim Cattrall for the Tiida, to risky what did she say just describing a car.

Here is one from Israel, the Tiida’s low fuel consumption apparently angers the Saudi delegation: :cuss:

Here is one from Taiwan, all you have to say is Tiida and apparently everything grows bigger even your girlfriends…:hand:

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