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Versa Purchase

It was my birthday and I decided to visit a Nissan Dealer in Harrison,AR. The reason I went there was ... a) I was interested in the economy Versa ....b) the salesman on the phone said there was no 'timeline' on "deals" or "rebates" ..... c) it was a nice drive from my place. I'm fussy & particular when it comes to spending money; I'm also sensitive to 'car salespersons' whose personalities can easily rub me the wrong way. My intention that day was to simply 'view' a few vehicles, however I ended up purchasing a 2012 Versa SV for $16,000. It was the easiest, stress-less business deal I have made in a long time ... all staff at Wood Motor Co. were 'relaxed', pleasant, accommodating, and made me 'comfortable' in every way.:)
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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