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Nissan Versa keychains or emblems

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Curious if anyone would be interested in etched and paint filled emblems or keychains for the Versa. I have the ability to make such products.

They would be made out of stainless steel and etched and paint filled one color. Here is an example :

This was made for another company and not my design. He did a great job designing it and I feel we (my company) did excellent work producing them. You can't tell from the pic but this is tiny. About half inch tall overall. We are not limited to just text either.

Let me know what you think and what you would like the emblem or key chain to look like.
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This seems to be what people are interested in. This took two seconds and wouldn't be final. I would make the nissan hamburger shape the correct size to mimic an actaul emblem and then use the actual nissan VERSA font for the word VERSA. So it would look just like the letters on the back of your car. Plus I want to round the outside corners of the keychain.

All the black you see will be high gloss black painted and the silver you see will be raised up tiny bit and actual metal that you see. Can be polished or brushed. Just note that polished will eventually scratch especially going in and out of your pocket. Put would look really nice.
i'd buy one if it looked like that
I got bored and reworked my idea... after measuring, I think 1.75" square is just right. This design may be a little busy, but like I said, just bored :crazy:

Maybe the hole would work better in the center, idk
too busy...maybe just lose the nissans on the top and bottom
1 - 5 of 72 Posts
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