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This procedure was self-discovered after a brief Internet search for guidance, in an attempt to remove what ended up being two small pebbles in the actuation of the Air Shutters. This module is located at the bottom portion of the radiator. The pebbles lodged in the area between the driven Air Shutter and the actuating 'motor'

Specialty Tools of use: Push Pin Pliers (Pittsburgh 63700), 6 Inch Wonderbar (Vaughan), 1/4 Inch drive long extension 10 to 12 inches

Note - The author successfully used Chevrolet plastic rivots of slightly larger diameter to replace the quantity of broken originals. Expect 40% loss and plan accordingly
Admission - Others may find a less invasive approach to the removal of this assembly, perhaps from the bottom. A Nissan tech bulletin, related to a recall, led to this list of steps


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