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Hey guys, I want to upgrade my 2010 Versa S sedan radio to an OEM one that has MP3 playback. Pretty much what the SL model comes with. Can someone tell me if any of these listed below will work.

My faceplate says CY17F
I see many different faceplates from other Nissan vehicles. Will any of them work?

This I saw on Nissan Versa, SL model <CY11F>
This I saw on Nissan Sentra <CY13F>
This I saw on Nissan Cube <CY26G>

Truly there are replacement parts distributed in some Nissan series. Some would work and some would not. Why not take a look at the service bulletin from the dealer? It's them who have further knowledge about your prob. Anyway, there are lots of replacement nissan parts you can have online and most of them are discounted..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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