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Instructions for Nissan Fast 2012

After downloading all the files, you need to first extract the files, I used a trial version of WinRAR to do this. Next download the trial version of Daemon tools I used the "Daemon tools pro Advanced 5". You now have all the tools needed to use FAST. In the list of files extracted will be a text file with the instructions on how to get it all working, which isn't very hard!

From the text file;

1)Mount the iso with daemon tools

To do this, open the Daemon Tools program and in the top left corner click the tab "actions", select "mount" and open the location of your file FAST.isz

2)Go to (Mounting Drive/decompress directory) NISSAN\FASTPRG\WIN2000\SETUP and launch setup.exe to install the base program of nissan fast

In the bottom window of Daemon Tools should be your Nissan FAST iso, click on it to open the folder and open the executable file listed in the location above.

3)Go to your installed directory and run Nfset.exe Go to cd-rom setup and select drive1 and set it to the "NISSAN" directory in the iso you mounted/decompressed. Do the same with drive-2 and set it to "INF-ALL" and with drive-3 and set it to "AR-JP". Press ok

My computer, C drive, NISSAN file should be sitting there with the other files, follow the location instructions.

4)Run Nissan menu for the start menu or Nfmenu.exe in your install directory

I selected AR when it first started, don't worry though as you can switch regions from the home page. Just need to find out what all the regions mean now
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